Peace Be With You!

“If we are peaceful, happy, we can blossom like a flower, and everyone in our family, in our entire society, will benefit from our peace.”

–Thich Nhat Hanh

“Peace Be With You”!

If only it was that easy, right?  Someone says “be peaceful”, and you are.  Seems about as effective as saying “be seven feet tall”;  I mean, we don’t really have control over how peaceful we feel, do we?

This is a really interesting question, especially for living in the stressful times of 2012.  I haven’t figured out an answer to that question, but i did live a high stress life and then had the good fortune to be able to explore outside the lines of mainstream society and i have discovered that there are many others through many lineages of many different cultures and spiritual traditions who did seem to figure “being peaceful” out.

So here i am, a sort of humble “Peace Scout”, reporting back on my understanding of the discovery of others.

“No recipe ever satisfied someone’s appetite, no matter how excellent.  You have to cook the food and eat it.”
–Native American Proverb

The different teachers have left behind many different techniques, or technologies, to take control of the levels of anxiety and peace in our lives.  But one thing they all pretty much agree on is, the need to go beyond reading and thinking about the theories, and to actually put them into practice.

And what i have heard and experienced is that the more we practice, the more we can develop the “peace skill”, just like exercise strengthens the muscles.  We can actively create the conditions for our peace to emerge, just like a rainbow appearing after — or even better yet — during the storm.

The theory is that this is a skill that will improve every aspect, every moment of our  experience, allowing us to make peace with our bodies, find peace of mind, share peace with each other, and ultimately to rest in peace.

So let’s take the sages advice and get very practical — together — and find out if these things are effective for us in  actual practice. I invite you to engage with this “interactive” site by:

o    reading some of the short articles posted to get a different perspective and technique on our circumstances;
o   in a relaxed spirit of play,  trying some of the “experiments” suggested in the various posts;
o     writing back and tell us what you think, or better yet,  what you experienced;
o    clicking on the hyperlinks, which take you to more information about the subject;  sometimes this is another post of mine, sometimes it is going directly to the source;
o     checking out the short free videos on breathing, concentrating, and body movement;
o     getting in touch with me about bringing yoga to your office, or for a private session;
o     telling us all about the art and groups that you find useful as resources;
o     streaming one of the dozen or more online yoga classes;
o     coming to one of my classes if you are in LA;

And please revisit this site to check out new weekly posts and updates, or sign up for an RSS feed to have them sent directly to you.  And if you receive something of value through Practicing Peace, then please tell at least three people about it the site and share it with your social networks.

See you on the Practice field,