Doug’s classes are perfect for beginners through experienced yoga practitioners.  His gentle voice and consistent instruction make it easy to find and hold the pose.  He encourages you to make the adjustments appropriate for you own body at that specific time.  After every class, I feel a sense of well-being and upliftment.  This is the best yoga class I have experienced yet.
Margie F.

I started attending Doug’s classes after I had two rounds of abdominal surgery that had resulted in lasting unexplained and undiagnosed pain.  At the beginning, yin yoga classes were perfect for me because they were gentle enough to work through the pain while also challenging me and building muscles.  As I gained my strength back gradually, I started to work in harder and more challenging Hatha classes,  secure in the comfort and grounding I found in Doug.   And everyone I have brought to his class loves it — including my 60 year old mom and my 33 year old sister.  It is a class, experience, and feeling not to be missed.
–Ellen C.

A few years ago I was spending some money on chiropractor visits for back pain.  I was also taking medicine for high blood pressure.  After practicing Yoga once or twice a week for more than a year, I am no longer having any back pain, nor am I needing medication for controlling my blood pressure.  And to me, one of the larger benefits of a Yoga practice is my ability to ski, golf, pick up my grandsons, and walk my dogs with flexibility and without pain or fear of pain.  My space on my mat, the sound of Doug’s calming voice, and the practice of Yoga has given my life more quality in my 60s.
–Lois Y.

Having private instruction with Doug is an important part of my week. He takes time to understand what you are looking for then comes prepared to the sessions with a routine tailored for you. Doug’s deep knowledge of yoga enables him to modify poses – or in the case of an inflexible beginner, adapt poses to your body.  Thank you Doug for showing me that anyone can do yoga!
Amy H.

Doug inspires my yoga practice, each morning I dive up into a new day, breathe the air and become present for what lies ahead.
–Steve S.

Doug is a fantastic instructor!  He has a way of helping you become strong and supple almost without you noticing it.  He guides his students byfocusing their awareness on their bodies during the poses and obtaining afeeling of being grounded and at peace while subtly putting your bodythrough a good workout. My stress is lifted after his class!

-Tracy B., MD